Posted by: aitzko | December 5, 2009

I visit a sweet museum, and need your help with a decision!

Hey everybody!  Things in Bali are still going great, and I’m enjoying Ubud tons.  This morning I took a walk to try and find this place called the Yoga Barn for some classes, but I totally could not find it!  I plan to try again tomorrow and ask for help – I know where it should be, but I think it’s set back from the road a little bit, so I might need a hand finidng it.

Anyway, I went to an awesome place called the ARMA museum instead.  This place is AMAZING.  It’s way more than just a museum – it’s a cultural center AND a resort, as well!  It’s located on five hectares (like I know what that is) of land, and it’s this huge complex.  A ticket is 250,000 Rp (roughly $2.50), and you get to tour the entire place.  It’s got a huge collection of Balinese and Indonesian art, by both native artists and expats, including Walter Spies.  First of all, the buildings and the grounds are gorgeous.  I took way too many pictures.  You’re not supposed to take pictures inside the museum (obvi) but I got as many as I could of the grounds and the buildings.  Balinese architecture is awesome- there’s so much attention to detail, so much intricacy.  I wandered around the museum for an hour or so, then took a walk.

The resort is so picturesque – If you can afford to stay there (rooms start at $90/night) I SO would.  The nicer rooms have their own private villas, and private pools.  It’s like a little garden oasis, with fountains and little paths and sculptures everywhere.  Some people are caught between the desire for comfort and luxury in a hotel, and a desire to immerse one’s self in the culture – the ARMA hotel provides an awesome fusion of the two – the entire organization cares so much about Balinese culture, you can find it in every aspect of this place, but the facilities are beeeeeyoooootiful.

I wandered around for about two and a half hours, it was so gorgeous.  The ARMA museum also offers nightly dance performances, and classes in a whole host of subjects.

Okay, now here is where I need your help.  I’d like to take one of these classes while I’m here in Ubud, but I can’t decide which one!  The ones I’m interested in are:

  • Woodcarving.  Balinese woodcarving is GORGEOUS, and when you’re finished the class, you have a small piece to take home with you.  On the other hand, I might just want to buy something by a professional…
  • Balinese Dance.  This looks SO cool, but we all know how uncoordinated I am, and if you’ve ever seen me dance, I’m sorry.
  • Hinduism in Bali.  This would be FASCINATING, I’ve already been enthralled by what I’ve learned so far.  And you get to learn how to make an offering!
  • Balinese cooking.  Yum!
  • Silver making.  This last one is not offered by ARMA, but by a shop in the area.  This class will show you how they make beautiful silver jewelry, and you finish the class with a piece you’ve made yourself!

So what do you think?  I’m going to try putting in a poll.  Vote, and let me know!! 🙂

P.S. I hear cooking classes in Thailand are awesome, so I might want to save cooking for there!


  1. Love reading your blog!! Since you may save cooking for Thailand, I would narrow it down to silver making or Hinduism in Bali. Personally, I might choose the latter, but it’s a tough one!

  2. Silver making!!!!! Especially if you get to walk away with a peice of jewelry or something that you made. I love the post about Agung too! Glad you’re having such a great time

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