Posted by: aitzko | December 6, 2009

Power outage and yoga class

Well, I finally found the yoga place!  Class this morning was great, but man, I forgot how out of shape I am and how long it’s been since I actually went to class!  I know I’ll be sore tonight. 🙂  I might try to make it to another one tomorrow, to make sure I get in a little physical activity on this trip!  Besides the massive amounts of walking, of course.

Last night we had a power outage in the entire Ubud area.  Poof!  This wasn’t a huge deal until later though.  I had tickets to go see another Kecak dance, performed here in Ubud.  Unfortunately, things were a bit harder to see because of the power outage, but it was actually kind of neat to watch the dance by firelight.  This time, I understood more of what was going on, and could follow the story a bit better.  Every performance is different, so it was still pretty cool to watch!  In addition, they performed a traditional dance that’s usually done to drive away evil spirits when there’s sickness or death in the communtiy.  Two little girls are “entranced” – a divine spirit temporarily descends into the girls, and they dance.  They do the entire dance with their eyes closed, but in almost perfect unison.  It really is pretty mesmerizing to watch.  When they’re done, they “fall” to the ground, and a priest brings them out of the trance and blesses them.  Again, it would have been cooler to see it in more detail if the electricity was working, but it was pretty cool in the firelight.  At one point, the clouds parted and you could see this patch of stars – awesome.

The power outage only really bothered me on my walk back!  It was pitch black!  The passing cars provided some light, but I used my cell phone to navigate the treacherous sidewalks – thank goodness I had charged it that afternoon!  When I got back to my cottage, the rain started.  And oh my goodness, was it raining!  I crossed my fingers and prayed that the roof wouldn’t leak – it appears I was in luck.  The electricity returned this morning, thankfully.

I forgot one thing – have I mentioned the roosters?  In addition to the ubiquitous dogs, roosters are EVERYWHERE in Ubud – and they want to make sure you know it, too.  I am so not kidding.  All day, they go, “Just wanted to let you know that we are ROOSTERS AND WE WILL BE COCKADOODLING AT THIS VOLUME FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE DAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”  Whew!  It’s no joke – they never shut up!

Today, another museum, some planning for Thailand, and a different dance – a Legong – tonight!


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