Posted by: aitzko | December 17, 2009

Details on Japan are on the way…

…but in the meantime, I’m in Bangkok!

I’ll write all about Japan when I get a chance, but suffice it to say for now that I had an AMAZING time, and had so much fun with the girls.  I was really sad to leave.  Traveling alone is cool in that you can do whatever you want, when you want, but traveling with the girls was fantastic, and I miss them already.

I got to Bangkok this evening.  I found the Airport Express bus just fine, and everything went smoothly, until I got off.  It dropped me off in the right area, but it didn’t drop me off exactly where I expected, so I was turned around.  To be honest, I had no idea where I was.  Luckily, a big hotel was nearby, and I stopped in – a really nice bellhop pointed me in the right direction, and gave me a map.

You have to kind of picture the scene, though – Bangkok is BUSY.  Everything is in Thai, which I think it is pretty obvious I do not read.  A lot of things are also listed in English, or in the Latin alphabet, but it’s not exactly easy to spot the street signs, at least not right as you get off a bus.  People are everywhere, and so are cars and mopeds.  And here I am, dragging my bag down this busy, narrow sidewalk.  Good news is, I managed to find the hotel, after a moment of stress.  It’s adorable – everything is decked out in this bright, modern, flower theme – my room is neon green.  No joke.  Not sure how I’ll fall asleep in there, it’s so bright. 😛

Anyway, I’m here, and I plan to venture out into the city tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Have fun in your travels! I miss Asia so much I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you’re doing in my old digs 😉 To add to the nuance: I lived in Bangkok for a month saying “street signs aren’t very obvious” is an understatement. Anytime I took a taxi I just used hand gestures to show how to get home! I think it wasn’t until the last week that I managed to get out the name of where I lived so that they could understand me, so no worries if you don’t pick up Thai right away!

  2. Hi Amanda, We’ve been enjoying traveling with you thru your blog. Looking forward to your updates. We’re having a great time right along with you.

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